An Automatically Generated Electronic Signature for Mobile Security

TraitWare ID is a patent-pending mobile security solution that authenticates a mobile device by creating a unique, electronic signature derived from device characteristics, device usage patterns, and onboard data.

Features :

  • RSA-based PK cryptography for payload signing
  • Cloud-based, production back-end (Heroku/Amazon WS)
  • Supports iPhone and Android smartphones
  • Single-Device Mode, QR-Login and Tap-to-Login Auth modes
  • Support for OAuth 2.0 for Customer Web app integration
  • TraitWare Customer Console (TCC) with add, update, disable users, bulk import
  • Multiple Applications per Customer
  • Menu option in Mobile App to Login to selected to Web App

Platforms: iOS, Android


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Bonzai Development | © All Rights Reserved.
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Phone: (888) 424-1330

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