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Bonzai App Story

Bonzai Creative Solutions renamed Bonzai App Developmert was founded in 2012 by a Silicon Valley executive with over 20 years experience developing highly complex applications for top Fortune 50 companies. Our goal has always been to build quality solutions above what is available through other companies.

Bonzai’s mission is to use our extensive software development knowledge while implementing our custom and innovative technologies to build a sustainable website, app or software solution.For instance, we can translate your project into a highly profitable, revenue-generating machine that appeals to your user’s need for an addictive, beautiful and intuitive interface that is error free. And of course, while we’re helping you laugh all the way to the bank, we don’t mind winning a few awards along the way ourselves.

Although we love software projects another mission is to provide skilled developers part time, full time or ad hoc. On Demand Developers saves you time and money. Our vetted and industry expert developers and project managers are matched for your needs.

Visa, Bank Of America, Disney, JPMorgan Chase, ADP… Are you seriously ready for success? Then contact us today and add your name to this list!

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Frequently Asked Questions

    App Discovery
    Process Determination
    Analyze Landscape
    Analyze Requirements
    Functions & Specifications
  4. SCOPE
    User Experience
    Project Needs
    Enable Feature Set
    Build Prototype
    Live Product
    Software Updates
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    Additional Features
    Ongoing Growth

The Bonzai Process:
We are focused on realizing your vision, we keep the user experience at the center of our proven process. From our initial discussion to strategizing and post-product launch, we guide and collaborate with you through each stage. Since your unique needs may require more or less effort in each stage, our process adapts to ensure a high quality solution that fulfills your vision–and beyond.

Phase 1: Scope

Building from the Discovery, Research and Strategy, we work closely with your team as we mine the details of the project and meticulously capture every feature, flow and function.

Phase 1: User Experience Design

The design process includes branding, logo creation (if needed), user flows, hierarchy, low-fidelity wireframes, high-fidelity UI design, and culminates with a Comprehensive Design Manual. Depending on your needs, we create a Tappable Prototype for user testing or investor pitches.

Phase 2: Engineer

We follow a custom agile development process that prioritizes precision, efficiency and intelligent design. We incorporate the latest technology, adhering to stringent coding standards. Quality Assurance is weaved throughout the process with the product fully regression tested prior to Launch.

Pre-launch prep goes through an extensive checklist to make sure everything is included, setup and ready

Phase 2: Launch

to go. We take care of the actual submission to the app stores and resolve any issues to make sure your product is set to go live. On the day of your choice, your product is launched out into the world. Congratulations!

Phase 3: Support

After your product is out there, we stay with you to help make sure your product is a success. We offer simple support plans to fit your needs for maintenance, bug fixes, design changes, enhancements, and consulting services.

Phase 3: Evolve

Successful products keep evolving. We ensure success by providing ongoing analysis, enhancements and maintenance after the initial product launch. We continue to ask what’s working, what’s not and why. And then provide recommended improvements for user testing. We arm you with the knowledge to make informed decisions. Then we implement them quickly using our proven process.

How this works:

  • Feature Prioritization
  • Identify overlaps of feature sets and prioritize product development accordingly.
  • Design andEngineering Input
  • We bring together our Design and Engineering teams to get final insights on features.
  • Feature Release Cadence
  • Although we will define the needed launch features and timing, they will evolve and change based on consumer data insights and overarching business needs and priorities.
  • Deliverable: Product Roadmap with Milestones

We work with all kinds of industries and apps but place a unique emphasis on:

  • FinTech
  • Investment
  • E-Commerce
  • Social Media
  • Video & Photo Sharing
  • Social Media
  • Productivity
  • Job Hiring